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Frequently Asked Questions
our store policy


store policy //

no refunds / exchanges, except on damaged items.

please check for damage before opening or using the product.

cancellations only within 24 hours of placing the order.

please allow processing time of 3-5 business days.

shipping time may range from 3-10 business days depending on region.

shipping estimate varies by region,


☞ where do you ship to?
☛ we ship worldwide to most countries! just no p.o. boxes.


☞ why isn't my country listed?

☛ unfortunately, some countries had to be removed from our shipping list. this could be because shipping carriers refuse to ship to these locations, or because of issues with that countries customs. we are always looking for solutions so that our products can reach all corners of the world.


☞ how long does shipping take?

☛ all shipping estimates will vary by region. processing time for orders can take up to 5 business days and shipping can vary from 2-10 business days depending. we will provide you with a tracking code so you can follow your purchase!




☞ are the cosmetics made in a factory or with fast fashion?

☛ no, our cosmetics are all made and shipped by hand!

☞ are the cosmetics or ingredients tested on animals?

☛ never! our products and ingredients are all cruelty free.

☞ are they vegan?

☛ yes, our products are all vegan friendly and don't use animal products.


☞ what is the consistency of the lipsticks?
☛ our lipsticks are a satin cream texture. they will apply as a cream or liquid depending on the color formula and all will dry to a velvety matte finish. 


☞ are they permanent or long lasting?

☛ while our lipsticks are not a permanent formula, they are definitely long lasting. through meals, under masks, and after countless cups of coffee; they won't budge easily. 

☞ will they feel dried out on the lips?

☛ no, our lipsticks won't feel dry like most matte lipsticks do. we've been told you can hardly feel them at all.

☞ are they strongly scented / suitable for sensitive skin?

☛ our lipsticks are lightly fragranced to smell like vanilla, but it is not strong or overbearing. they are definitely sensitive skin friendly.

☞ what shade is best for darker skin tones?
☛ while we try to make sure all our shades will look good on everyone: the colors 1995, salem, reaper, and comfy cozy may suit darker skin tones best! 


☞ what is the consistency?

☛ our eyeshadows are a powder consistency, they can be applied with your fingers or brushes.


☞ are the shadows long lasting?

☛ yes, our eyeshadows will last the whole day.

☞ are they matte or shimmer?

☛ our palette has both matte and shimmer shades. the shades 'the lovers, the moon, temperance' are shimmery, whilst the rest are all matte.

☞ are the shadows suitable for darker skin tones?

☛ absolutely, you can view swatches of the shadows on varying skin tones on the palette page


☞ are they sensitive skin friendly?

☛ we try to use the most gentle ingredients we can, as well as only using vegan ingredients, so we hope our shadows are sensitive skin safe. but you know your skin best and we cannot say for sure how it will react. you can find our ingredients list on the palette page.

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